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A malfunctioning toilet is a major inconvenience for residents and guests. Since toilets have various parts that are essential to their operation, it won’t function if any of those parts are defective. Thankfully, the plumbing repair team at Nuckols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help you fix or reinstall your toilet. Our team of plumbing professionals has over 30 years of experience helping homeowners in Richmond and Glen Allen. Regardless of how big or small your toilet problem is, our team of experts can handle it.

How to Tell When It's Time for Toilet Repair

Toilet malfunctions can be a headache to fix if you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge. Instead of stressing out and trying to fix complex toilet issues yourself, leave it to the experts at Nuckols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our Richmond plumbing repair team can help you solve common toilet problems and other complex plumbing issues.

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Common toilet problems include:

  • The toilet won’t flush - Have you noticed your toilet isn't fully flushing no matter how many times you try and flush it. There could be a problem with your lift chain, flapper or even your water valve. Contact us today for our expert toilet repair team.
  • Toilet Has A Crack - With a cracked toilet or bowl you will probably start to notice puddles of water around your toilet as well as some bad smelling odors. Don't leave your leaky toilet left unchecked as you can quickly experience water damage to your floors or even the lower levels of your house if your problem toilet is on the second floor.
  • The toilet has a stuck handle - If you notice that your toilet handle isn't working, has fallen off or isn't moving at all it could be from constant use of the toilet handle that has caused this problem.

In some cases, toilet problems cannot be repaired, so you may need a new one installed. Toilet removal and installations can be laborious job for homeowners. If your toilet cannot be repaired, our plumbers can help you remove and install a new toilet that’s perfect for your household’s needs.

Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

Bathroom clogs can occur in sink drains, shower/bathtub drains, and the toilet. Sink and shower clogs are usually caused by a buildup of matted hair and soap scum. The list of what can clog a toilet is much more extensive.

Toilet clogs often involve trying to flush:

  • Too much toilet paper at once
  • Stringy items like hair or dental floss
  • Sanitary napkins and tampons
  • Small pieces of garbage
  • Non-toilet-paper paper, including facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc.
  • “Flushable” wipes (these are not actually safe to flush no matter what the packaging says)

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Don’t handle toilet issues on our own when our team of professionals can made fast and effective repairs. Our Glen Allen plumbing experts’ top priority is to deliver quality work and excellent customer service. Regardless of how simple or complex your toilet malfunction is, we are here to help you. With 30 years of experience, our Richmond plumbing repair team is credible and provides efficient work.

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