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Slow drains are frustrating, but they are more than just a nuisance. In fact, not many people realize that a slow drain could lead to serious property damage and costly plumbing repairs. That being said, it's never a good idea to ignore a backed up drain!

If your drain is working slowly, Richmond drain cleaning team at Nuckols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is ready to help you solve the problem quickly and easily. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Nuckols provides Richmond, Glen Allen, and surrounding areas with trustworthy drain cleaning. We never suggest more than what is needed and make sure that we are proud of all our work. 

Types Of Drain Cleaning Services We Provide

There are two popular techniques used to clean drains and clear away clogs. Both options have their advantages and are used for different clogs. Our Richmond drain cleaning experts will be able to suggest the best method for your drain problems.

If you are having issues with the drains in your home or business, call us today for an estimate for:

  • Rooter Service. Sometimes this method of unclogging drains is referred to as “snaking.” This device cleans drains by using a cable to navigate the twists and turns of your pipes. Notably, this method allows you to avoid digging up your pipes.
  • Water Jetting. When debris causes pipes to be seriously clogged, water jetting is the best solution. This method uses specialized equipment to blast pressurized water down the dirty pipe. The force of the water breaks up clogs a rooter device wouldn’t get to. Water jetting is not the best option for old or brittle lines.

Contact our Richmond drain cleaning experts today at (804) 214-2077 to schedule your next Richmond drain cleaning service.

Signs You Need to Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service

Usually, it's fairly obvious when your drain needs to be cleaned. It either won't drain at all or drains extremely slowly. There are other indications that something is awry inside your pipes, so be on the lookout for them.

Signs your drain needs clearing include:

  • Gurgling sounds in pipes - If you notice funny gurgling sounds within your pipes while running water or after flushing the toilet, there might be a clog deep inside. As water passes over the clog, it can potentially make noise as air pockets form and break.
  • Water pooling up in sink or shower - If water starts to cover your feet while you shower or if your sink is draining slowly when brushing your teeth, it's time to consider calling a professional plumber for a drain cleaning service.
  • Foul odors - Why does your bathroom sink smell? The answer is simple and fairly gross. As hair or food start to decay inside your drain, they may release unpleasant odors when you run your water. This is a clear sign that your drain needs to be unclogged.
  • Presence of fruit flies - More common in the kitchen, if there is food matter left undisposed inside your drain, fruit flies will begin to linger. If you notice fruit flies near your drain, it is likely that there is a clog inside of it.
  • Visual evidence of mold growth near drains - Mold growth near either bathtubs or sinks should never go unnoticed as this can indicate a wider underlying plumbing issue such as leaking pipes which must be addressed by a trained expert as soon as possible before any further issues arise from this situation going unresolved for too long?
  • Constant clogging issues with no apparent cause - Sometimes drains can experience recurring clogging problems despite having been cleared out recently -- indicating something more serious may actually be going on underneath like damaged pipes needing extra attention beyond just unclogging alone? Professional drain cleaners will know best how to handle situations like these since they’ll have access to both specialized cleaning tools plus many years of experience dealing with similar cases on daily basis.

If you notice any of the above, be sure to give Nuckols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, LLC a call at (804) 214-2077, or contact us online for fast and effective drain cleaning services. We will get your drain functioning properly in no time!

Preventative Drain Maintenance

Don't wait until you have a clogged drain to call for professional help. At Nuckols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we offer preventative drain maintenance services to help keep your drains clear and functioning properly. Our team can perform routine inspections and cleanings to prevent clogs and blockages before they become a major issue.

Benefits of preventative drain maintenance include:

  • Reduced risk of clogs and backups
  • Extended lifespan of your plumbing system
  • Improved drainage and water flow
  • Cost savings on potential future repairs

By scheduling regular drain maintenance with our team, you can avoid the inconvenience and expense of dealing with a major drain clog in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our preventative drain maintenance services.


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Helpful Tips for Clogged Drains

Tips To Clear A Kitchen Sink Clog

The most common clog-causer in kitchens is just what you’d expect: food. Whenever you wash the dishes, any food that you don’t put down the garbage disposal or in the garbage is going to enter the pipes under your sink. Over time, those food remnants can get trapped in the P-trap or J-trap of those pipes and result in a clog.

When it comes to kitchen clogs, you can sometimes remove them with a cup plunger. If you have a two-sided sink, make sure to use a drain stopper or a second cup plunger to seal the side of the sink you are NOT plunging, or else you will not be able to build up the proper suction to remove the clog. (Tip: Never use the plunger that you use for your toilet for your sink. It’s highly unsanitary and can transfer fecal bacteria to your kitchen).

The best fix to clear kitchen clog is to use a plumbing snake (also known as a drain snake, plumbing auger, or plumber’s snake). You can buy plumbing snakes at home improvement stores, but it’s important to exercise caution when using one, or else you might damage your pipes in the process. If in doubt, contact a plumber, as they are adept at handling plumbing snakes.

Tips to Clear a Clog in your Bathroom

Bathroom clogs can occur in sink drains, shower/bathtub drains, and the toilet. Sink and shower clogs are usually caused by a buildup of matted hair and soap scum. The list of what can clog a toilet is much more extensive.

Toilet clogs often result after trying to flush:

  • Too much toilet paper at once
  • Stringy items like hair or dental floss
  • Non-toilet-paper items, including facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc.
  • Sanitary napkins and tampons
  • Small pieces of garbage
  • “Flushable” wipes (these are not actually safe to flush no matter what the packaging says)

To unclog a bathroom sink or shower drain, you can sometimes remove the clog by removing the drain cover and pulling it out by hand if it is close to the surface. You can do this either by reaching in or using a wire hook. If the clog is farther down, you can use the suction of a cup plunger to dislodge it. This usually works best if the cup of the plunger is submerged in water.

To unclog a toilet, you’ll need a proper toilet plunger, also known as a flange plunger. It has an extra flap that allows it to fit better over the toilet drain than a cup plunger.

If you are unable to remove a bathroom clog on your own, it’s best to contact a plumber. They will be able to access your pipes more deeply than you’re able to (and without damaging them) with a drain snake. If your pipes have an especially bad problem with clogs, water jetting may be the best long-term solution.

Call Today For An Estimate for Our Richmond Drain Cleaning Services

If you have a drain that needs cleaning, it is important that you do not ignore it. It won’t fix itself! Clogged drains strain your plumbing system and lead to serious damage that will cost more than a cleaning. When you call our Richmond drain cleaning team, we will send an experienced plumber to you so that they can give an honest evaluation of your drain cleaning needs. Our work comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and we are never satisfied until you are.

Find out how our Richmond drain cleaning experts can help you today by contacting us at (804) 214-2077.

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