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Plumbing leaks can be devastating. Even a small, pinhole-sized crack in a plumbing line can allow several gallons of water to escape each and every day, and that water can quickly cause all sorts of problems for your home. Ruined flooring, damaged structure, compromised foundation, and destroyed possessions are just a few of the things that can come from a hidden or unexpected plumbing leak somewhere in your home. And to make matters worse, leaks can be difficult or even impossible to find, especially when they’re completely contained within your walls on in the slab beneath your feet.

When you need help locating a leak or determining if you have one, make the call to Nuckols Plumbing & Gas. We offer professional, comprehensive leak detection services designed to keep you safe and your plumbing secure at all times. We use sophisticated, modern methods to located leaks, determine how to repair them, and solve them for good. This means faster repairs that solve your problem for good while doing less invasive damage to your home. We know leaks are frustrating, and we want to take the anger and stress out of leak issues as much as possible. That’s why we offer fast response to your calls and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service we offer.

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How Leak Detection Works

Modern plumbing systems have improved dramatically to the point where leaks are far less common than they used to be. However, no plumbing system, no matter how well-constructed, will ever be completely immune to leaks. They can happen at virtually any time, be anywhere in your plumbing system, and be extremely difficult to accurately find. This is why we strongly recommend calling Nuckols Plumbing & Gas right away if you suspect you might have a leak somewhere in your home.

We can find leaks in all of the following:

  • Hot water lines
  • Cold water lines
  • Drain lines
  • Water mains
  • Plumbing fixtures

Our team is trained to provide leak detection using the latest techniques and methods. In some cases, this might mean using air pressure to locate a leak using the sound of the air escaping. In other cases, this might mean using evidence of a leak to get an idea of where your leak might be. Every member of our team approaches your leak with an open mind in order to make sure they’re finding your problem correctly the first time.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are so much more than just dangerous—they could be fatal. This is why you can’t afford to hesitate if you smell gas or suspect you might have a natural gas or propane leak. Much like water lines, gas lines can also develop leaks over time, but gas often doesn’t leave any signs or indications as to where the leak might be coming from. That means you should have your system professionally inspected by the team at Nuckols Plumbing & Gas as soon as possible.

However, the first thing you should do is get everyone out of your house as quickly as possible, then call 911 to report the leak. Your utility company should send someone to shut off your utility connection right away, and this should give you the opportunity to open your windows and doors and allow your home to air out. Do not run your furnace or any open-flame appliance in the aftermath of a gas leak. Once your gas has been shut off and your home is safe to return to, then give us a call and let our professionals locate the source of your gas leak for you.

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