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Why Bathroom Ventilation Is Important

Bathroom vent and hands.

Benefits of Bathroom Ventilation

No matter where you live, or what the climate is like, a bathroom with no ventilation is bound to create an excessive amount of humidity. When there’s nowhere for steam from hot showers, sweat, and water from your sinks to go, moisture builds up in the air.

Adding a ventilation system to your bathroom will release extra moisture and stop humidity buildup. Here are some benefits to adding a bathroom vent fan.

Reduces Mold and Mildew Growth

With extra moisture comes mold and mildew growth, especially in wet and sometimes dark places like the bathroom. A ventilation system’s fans are perfect for sucking in bathroom air to let moisture out. But, your vent fan can’t work on its own.

When you’re using your sink, tub, shower, or flushing with the lid open, water can still travel up in the air. So, it’s a good idea to help your fan out a little and turn it on every time you use hot water, take a long shower, or after a hot bath.

Minimizes Condensation and Bacteria Growth

As you turn to use your fan, you’ll notice less condensation on glass surfaces like windows and mirrors. Condensation looks like a foggy film, so the less you see that film, the more you will recognize your fan doing its job.

Also, humidity is an ideal ingredient for bacteria like a staph infection and strep throat to grow. A vent fan will lower the amount of humidity so that these bacteria have fewer chances to grow and infect your family.

Planning Your Ventilation Installation

Adding a new vent can be tricky since you want to install them in the ideal location in your bathroom to avoid running into issues like installing it too close to plumbing. When you’re ready to install your vent, our plumbers at Nuckols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are ready to help you plan! Give us a call at (804) 214-2077 or contact us online to talk about your installation!