Pre-Vacation Plumbing Checklist

Family packing for vacation

Summer may be coming to an end, but it is never too late to take a vacation. You may be taking a weekend trip, a week getaway, or even a month-long excursion. No matter what, be sure to follow these simple plumbing tips when leaving for a while.

1. Inspect Plumbing for Leaks

What could be worse than coming home to a flooded home from an unknown leak? Don’t let a leak in your home ruin your trip.

Doing a simple sweep of all your plumbing to look for leaks is important. If you suspect a leak, be sure to call a plumber and get it taken care of before leaving your home for vacation.

2. Clear and Clean Drains and Disposals

Clear out your drains, toilet, disposal, and anything that could cause an odor while you’re gone.

You won’t want to walk into your home with an unwelcoming stench of last week’s barbecue.

Using DIY solutions to do a quick drain cleaning can do the trick, or call the professionals.

3. Shut Off the Main Water Valve

Your water doesn’t always need to be shut off while you’re out of the house, but if you are gone for a month or two, it may be a good idea.

If you do not have a house sitter, it could save you from any emergency plumbing while you’re gone, such as pipes bursting or unknown leaks.

Even if you have a house sitter, consider leaving a plumbing contact just in case of emergencies.

4. Enjoy Vacation and Have Fun

Last but not least, sit back and enjoy your vacation. Having a checklist to follow before leaving on vacation can help ease your mind and allow you to have fun.

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